1. The  Administrator  of  the  Service  is also  and  administrator  of  personal  data  due  to  the regulations  of  the  act  from  29.August  1997  concerning  protection  of  personal  data  (Journal of Laws 1997 no 133, item 883 with alterations).

2. The Administrator, in accordance with the act from 29.August 1997 concerning protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 1997 no 133, item 883 with alterations) provides protection of personal data gathered by the system and recorded on the server.

3. The  Administrator  does  not  share  gathered  information  concerning  the Users  to  the  third parties, unless this Terms of use or legal regulations indicate otherwise.

4. The  Administrator  of  the  personal  data  reports  a  set  of  data  in  accordance  with  the regulations concerning protection of personal data.

5. The  above  mentioned  data is  gathered  in  order  to  assure  proper  functioning  of  the  Service and realization of the Projects in accordance with the legal regulations and this Terms of use, and other legally justified purposes.

6. The  Administrator may  transfer  or make  the  data  available  for  third  parties  in the  following situations:

- the User will agree for it,
- it will be justified by the legal regulations.

7. The  Administrator  has  the  right  to  gather  and  transfer  the  data  to  tax  administration authorities  of   other   Participants   obliged   to   settle   the   payments   for   those   authorities,   in accordance with legal regulations in force. The Administrator does not bear any responsibility for the  way  of  processing  and  use  of  data  transferred  in  order  to  realize  the  obligations  resulting from the legal regulations.